Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaner The Next Best Thing To A Domestic Worker?

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Those people who are fortunate enough to be able to afford a crew of domestic cleaners in their home will likely tell you how nice it is to come home to a place that is sparkling clean.

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Most of us have to take care of our own cleaning, but there is a way to at least get your flooring looking great without having to pull out the upright vacuum or mop.

A robotic vacuum cleaner can now be used to make sure that you floor always looks its best, even if you never have to do it yourself again.

The way in which a robo vacuum works is actually fairly simple, with the better units actually allowing you to program when the vacuum will run.

You can also set up virtual walls which the unit will detect.

What that does is allow you to control the areas that the vacuum robot cleans, helping it to avoid possible obstacles or floors that need to be cleaned in a different way.

While it may sound like an overly simplistic way to clean your floors, vacuum robots are smart in a number of different ways.

Take a unit like the Roomba 770 robot vacuum as a perfect example of just how powerful these little machines can be.

This particular model can adjust to changes in the surface, allowing it to go from carpet to hardwood with no issues at all.

It also has an infrared sensor that will allow it to recognize stairs and other obstacles.

That gives it the edge over a regular domestic worker as it’s not likely to knock anything over and break it while it goes about its work.

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Modern vacuum robots

Most of the modern vacuum robots also use heap filters to ensure that the air stays clean and breathable for you and your family.

There are actually now units made that are designed specifically for households that have pets or family members who may suffer from allergies.

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The Neato XV-21 is a perfect example of just such a robo vacuum as it contains a combination of brushes and filters that allow it to pick up tinier dust particles that may otherwise be missed by a regular upright vacuum cleaner.

Programming that unit to run on a daily basis can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in the air, making your living space both clean and breathable.

Domestic workers do a great job of keeping your home neat and tidy, but even they can sometimes miss those hard to reach areas when it comes to cleaning your floor.

Robot vacuums are far more powerful than their size suggests, yet it’s that compact design that makes them so effective at their job.

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They are able to reach areas that humans can’t, unless of course they start moving furniture to do so.

It would be easy to look at the price tag of a robo vacuum and think of it as expensive, but the time that they free up and the way in which they keep your flooring clean make them worth every penny.

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