Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s Review

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Reviewing Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s

Our ECOVACS DEEBOT N79s review details the most affordable robot vacuum that includes smart phone control on the market today.

It combines excellent sensor navigation and solid vacuuming at an affordable price. INCLUDED WITH THE DEEBOT N79s: remote control, main brush, 2 side brushes, docking station, & 1-Year Warranty.

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The new ECOVACS DEEBOT N79s is the successor to the hugely popular N79. In fact, much of this article echos that review.

The main difference is that the N79s includes Alexa voice control.

The DEEBOT N79s uses a Double V-style roller brush that agitates dirt and flings debris toward its suction tube.

The image below shows how the V shape creates a sort of “concentration point” for this sweeping motion.

Vacuum performance in general is pretty good but can be a bit inconsistent. For what’s considered a budget robot vacuum it cleans about as well as others in this price range.

Although its suction strength is on par with most robot vacuums, at around 1000 Pa or Pascal Units, the noise level isn’t overwhelming at all.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79s also has twin spinning side brushes that grab dirt and pet hair gathered along walls.

These side brushes spin particles toward the roller brush where the get sucked into the dustbin on the back.

The DEEBOT N79s is not recommended for high or dark carpets. Higher carpets tend to slow the robot vacuum down while darker carpets can confuse the infrared sensors.

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Remember how we learned in school that dark colors absorb more light while brighter colors tend to reflect it? That’s the cause and effect when it comes to these sensors.

The dust bin is a little smaller than average at 450 ml (15 ounces). Emptying it will be a regular duty, especially when a lot of pet hair is around.

It also uses an air filtration system that combines both a sponge filter and high efficiency filter.

They do a great job at trapping finer particles and preventing them from circulating back into the air.

The Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s has a run time of up to 100 minutes on a single charge. It weighs 6.7 lbs, and has a height of 3.1 inches.

Maintenance is pretty simple. Buttons release the brush cover and side brushes and the included tool can be used for removing tangles.

Using what ECOVACS calls Smart Motion Navigation, the DEEBOT N79s is excellent at avoiding obstacles.

You won’t need to worry about it falling down steps, although it might sneak outside if you leave the front door open.

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In fact, the little guy so rarely gets stuck you might feel a little sorry when it starts beeping for you to come to its rescue.

There’s an AUTO button on top and a power button on the side for manual control.

It also comes with four cleaning modes that are controllable with the remote as well as the DEEBOT app: Auto, Spot, Single Room and Edge.

The random paths it takes around floors make it slower and less efficient than higher priced robot vacuums like the Neato Botvac D7.

In larger rooms or open floor plans it might run through the battery charge without hitting every spot, which can drive even the slightest OCD batty.

The DEEBOT will then return safely home to take a few hours to recharge. However, it will not return to where it left off after it recharges.

Ecovacs App

The remote control has a nice size LCD screen. You can easily set a cleaning schedule and choose cleaning modes.

Scheduling is about as much fun as figuring out how to change the time on your car stereo.

The interface of the DEEBOT app is just much more user friendly.

What separates the Ecovacs DEEBOT  N79s apart from similar robot vacuums in the same price range certainly isn’t the performance.

The navigation is great. But as we previously mentioned, their vacuuming is about the same as other models in this price range.

The DEEBOT N79s popularity can really only be explained by having smartphone control at a budget friendly price. In fact it’s around $100 less that the next Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum.

The ECOVACS app is available for both Android and Apple and gets mixed reviews.

Developers are always fine tuning apps and this one is certainly no exception. It does require a 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi band to communicate with the robot vacuum.

Review Summary

The DEEBOT N79s performs about as well as similar priced robot vacuums when it comes to general vacuuming.

The addition of smart phone and Alexa voice control at an affordable price really puts it over the top as a great value for average homes with low pile carpet and bare floors.

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Setting a scheduling and cleaning modes are simple with the ECOVACS App and the unit will keep your home looking and feeling much cleaner than just standard cleaning with an upright vacuum and broom.

The amount of dust in your air that it reduces alone is well worth the price tag, especially for those family members who are prone to allergens and asthma.

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