Housmile Robot Vacuum Review

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Reviewing Housmile Robot Vacuum

With a price tag just under $100, our Housmile Robot Vacuum review describes how it’s not just a cheap knockoff of some of the more advanced units.

This would be ignoring the fact that 80% of the 700+ reviews on Amazon give it 5 stars.

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INCLUDED WITH THE HOUSMILE ROBOT VACUUM: AC power adapter, cleaning tool, 2 filters, 4 side brushes, 1 screwer, 4 Screws, welcome guide, and 12-month warranty.

In fact, we debated on whether or not to even review this robot vacuum. Most bots are at least twice the price.

But an electronic device doesn’t get a rating like that unless it is consistently a quality product right out of the box.

One that exceeds the expectations for a $100 robot vacuum. So what do you really get?

The Housmile Robot Vacuum doesn’t come with anything fancy. There’s a motor that powers the vacuum and the wheels, dual side brushes, and a dustbin in the back.

Instead of a main roller brush, it just uses just a suction nozzle that sucks up loose debris on the floor.

It’s clearly not suited for ticker carpets since it doesn’t have a spinning brush that agitates dirt particles.

But it does have duel spinning side brushes that snag dirt from around walls and corners and fling it toward the suction nozzle.

Without a roller brush blocking the intake nozzle, the Housmile Robot Vacuum uses the full force of its suction to lift loose dirt and pet hair off the floor.

Proof is in the dust bin at the end of its cleaning time. It also filters finer particles out of the air with its HEPA filters.

The Housmile Robot Vacuum does not come with a remote control. But with a simple push of the power button on top the robot vacuum gets to work.

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As you might expect, the Housmile rolls around the room in random patterns. At 8.9 inches wide and 2.4 inches tall it’s small enough to fit just about anywhere.

When it does bump into an object it stops to rotate and move in a different direction.

It’s not really a hard bump, but if you’re concerned about small nicks and scrapes on your furniture legs it is something to be aware of.

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It’s also not the quietest vacuum but certainly not the loudest. The combination of the motor and bumps against objects can cause a bit of a racket if you prefer silence.

If you’re trying to watch TV or have a conversation it might be a slight nuisance while it’s running.

Quick Summary

Simplicity and cost are the appeals for this robot vacuum.

Rather than hauling an upright vacuum around for light cleaning, you can just pick up the three pound Housmile Robot Vacuum, carry it to any room in your home, press the power button, and shut the door.

When you return an hour later you’ll typically find a dust bin full of dirt, pet hair, and any other particles it picked up on the floor.

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Then you simply plug it in to charge for a couple hours and repeat those steps somewhere else.

There will always be people who get the occasional lemon or have unrealistic expectations.

What you don’t often see are 80% 5 star ratings. Clearly the Housemile Robotic Vacuum makes a good impression for its price to performance.


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