P3 P4920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Reviewing P3 P4920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Everyday vacuuming doesn’t have to be a chore anymore with the P3 robotic vacuum cleaner.

The robot will actually clean wood, tile and carpet floors to make cleaning up crumbs and other debris very easily.

There are three different programmed modes to ensure that all of the dirt is cleaning up in a very quick manner.

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First, let’s take a look at some of its amazing features.


  • 3 programmed modes feature along the wall, spiral and random
  • Only weighs 6.4 pounds
  • Very quiet operation
  • Includes rechargeable batteries and AC adapter
  • Has electrostatic paper for use on bare floors

The Pros

With a lightweight base and a relatively small diameter of 11.5”, the P3 International makes it very easy to set the vacuum in motion when it’s time to do the chores.

There are bumpers in place so that it doesn’t damage baseboards or table legs. It can be used in any size room and has rolling wheels to get it to where it needs to go.

Since it can be used on tile, hardwood, bare floor and even low pile carpet, it’s a very versatile piece of technology.

The three modes make it easy to program the robot based upon what and where it needs to clean.

It’s also extremely quiet so that the P3 international cannot be heard over the TV, radio or anything else going on in the house.

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The Cons

There are some downsides to the robotic vacuum cleaner. It will only run for 45 minutes at a time before it needs to be charged again.

For anyone with large homes or an upstairs downstairs, it may mean that a charging needs to take place before cleaning the entire home.

The modes for different flooring types are relatively easy to change, however, the carpet is only for the lowest pile carpeting.

Other carpets with any true density can be difficult for the robotic vacuum cleaner to get through, missing a significant amount of debris. The electrostatic paper for bare floors works well but it can be difficult to attach.

What Others Are Saying

The majority of users enjoy the P3 robotic vacuum primarily because it is very affordable compared to other models that are on the market. It will pick up loose dirt and is very lightweight.

However, some people are worried that the plastic casing isn’t as hard as it could be, cautioning users against keeping it near the stairs.

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For the most part, the P3 4920 is a reliable vacuum cleaner that is very affordable and has a number of features that one wouldn’t expect for the price point.

As long as it is used in the right situation on level floors, the vacuum cleaner does exactly what it says it will – picks up dirt.


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